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Stephan Moss

About the Artist

  Stephan Moss is an award winning artist residing in the Elk area 25 miles north of Spokane. The area is full of wildlife and presents a daily inspiration to paint . Stephan enjoys painting the native wildlife in oils and watercolor as well as sailing ships and art with nautical themes.

       More recently he has taken up metal art, welding sculptures of  metal fish, birds and mountain scenery. He also enjoys wood carving and carving in cottonwood bark.

   He is represented in several art galleries in Elk, Sandpoint and Coeur d alene Idaho.

  Stephan has been drawing and painting since childhood. He took art classes in school and privately as a youth and sold drawings of airplanes and cars to friends.

 "My first drawings I sold for a quarter. Not much, but It felt good to know someone liked it enough to buy it!"

Stephan strives to fill his paintings with reality and emotion whether it's an oil of ships in battle or a watercolor of an eagle in flight.

Another interesting aspect of Stephan's art is that he is colorblind. "I seem to get some green in most paintings by mistake. Sometimes those mistakes add to the uniqueness of Stephan's art.

"I want to inspire people to not only enjoy and appreciate art, but to also see it as a reflection of God's creativity flowing through us as we look into his awesome creation. How can we look at the complexity of a birds wing and not see that a magnificent designer was involved !"

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